Durable gear for pets & garden

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Our Design Principles

Three principles guide our design process:

  1. Slow the cycle of throw-away-and-buy-another by designing products to have a longer than average life,
  2. Continually reduce the impact of our products on the environment, and
  3. Package these environmentally friendly attributes in products that are functional and comfortable for pets, stylish enough for any living space, and easy for pet owners to use.

By taking this approach, we not only help the environment but also provide the customer with a great value. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We execute these principles with the following specific design criteria.

Our Product Design Criteria

  1. What do we do to ensure that our products last a long, long time?
    • Use extremely sturdy materials.
    • Use machine washable & dryable materials predominantly.
    • Fabrics and filling fibers must be washable and dryable and RECYCLABLE via our Full Circle Recycling program.
    • Maintain high sewing standards.
      • serge seams with high tensile thread
      • reinforce both ends of zipper
      • reinforce the sidewalls of the Nest
    • Make products easy to take apart and reassemble.
      • for easy washing
      • for easy replacement of parts
    • Offer bed covers and cover sets for purchase separately.
  2. What do we do to reduce the impact of our products on the environment?
    • Use recycled materials where possible, although material durability and consumer economics are the priority.
    • Use recyclable materials.
    • Take back products for recycling via our Full Circle® program.
  3. How do we make our products desirable for their comfort and appearance?
    • Keep in mind that we’re making dog beds, not dog pillows, and fill our beds accordingly.
    • Make products with an attractive, contemporary look that we would be pleased to have in our own living room.