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Cost Analysis

Big Shrimpy Cost Analysis

Why do Big Shrimpy replacement covers make our beds such a great value? Below is a cost comparison that explains why.

This cost comparison is based on information we gathered from a PetCo and a PetSmart. We asked employees there about the life expectancy of the beds they were selling. We also asked people who bought Big Shrimpy beds long ago questions about how their beds were holding up.

The analysis shows that the customer will save money by making the investment in a Big Shrimpy bed. The environment wins, too, because the customer does not have to throw away an entire bed. Just replace the cover. And we can recycle the old cover if you send it back to us!

Life of Bed Life of Pup Qty of Beds Qty of Covers Total Cost
Big Shrimpy Original Bed (Medium) 15+ yrs.1 15 years 1 at $120 ea. 1 at $64 ea. $120 + $64 = $184
PetCo Bed (Medium) 6-7 mo.2 15 years 26-30 at $50 ea. Not Possible 26 x $50 = $1,300
PetSmart Bed (Large) 1 yr.3 15 Years 15 at $40 ea. Not Possible 15 x $40 = $600
  1. We have heard from Big Shrimpy users who have had their Original bed for 14 years and are only now (2017) considering getting a new cover!  The interior of the bed is fine. We’ve been in business for only 16 years, but from what we’ve seen, we think it is reasonable that the interior of our beds would easily last for 15 years with occasional washing and re-fluffing or replaceing the SMartFill and recycling the old via our Full Circle program. We felt that a conservative cover replacement rate would be once every 7-8 years.
  2. A PetCo employee told us that we could expect the bed to last 6-7 months or “longer if the dog is gentle”. When we tried to get a second opinion, another PetCo employee couldn’t tell us how long we could expect the bed to last. We went to look for a third employee to ask and couldn’t find one.
  3. At PetSmart, “Bryan” told us their rectangular bed would last only three to four months. Another employee, “Andrew”, said that it might last six months if our dog was gentle. A woman standing by Andrew, not in employee garb, offered that she has a bed like the one we were holding and said we could get about eighteen months out of it. So we took a generous average and said one year.

We can confidently say that if your pet does not abuse (chew, constantly dig at, etc.) his or her Big Shrimpy bed that it will last all, or nearly all, of his or her life and will ultimately be the least expensive pet bed you can buy.  Just look at the prices of the beds on our site and divide that by the number of years you expect your dog or cat to live.  It could be a dollar amount in the single digits. Now that's the kind of cheap you want to buy.