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About Us

Minimum, Inc. (the parent company of Big Shrimpy, Mosier Valley and Mariposa brands) started out as a recycling company and continues to recycle today via its Full Circle program. The company was born in 2001 when founder Bruce Kelling noticed huge bags of clean fleece scraps in bags at a sewing factory in Seattle. The scraps were remnants from cutting garment patterns. When told that the fleece scraps were sent to the landfill, as they had been for decades, he was astonished and not in a good way. He thought about the dog bed his “girl” Maggie was using and how lame it was. He realized he could build a dog bed for Maggie (a.k.a. Shrimpy) that was totally washable, including the filling inside! 

Bruce was at the sewing factory to oversee production of a travel product he had recently patented.  He asked the manufacturer to sew a few dog beds from the same materials used for the travel product. This meant using tough 420 denier nylon, water-resistant rip-stop nylon, and soft fleece. The manufacturer making his travel product was happy to give Bruce the fleece scraps to fill the dog beds being made for his "side project".

Bruce took the prototype bed (the Big Shrimpy “Original”) to a neighborhood pet store and got an order for five beds! Soon the travel product took a back seat to dog beds. Bruce had the garage filled with bags of fleece scraps to fill beds for local orders. Meanwhile, his wife Cici managed the books on the weekends.

Customers loved the durable nature of the Big Shrimpy beds and the fact that they utilized recycled materials (the fleece fabric scraps) for the filling. Another benefit to the fleece scraps quickly became evident. The fleece fabric that the scraps were cut from was washable, so pet odors could be washed out! Machine washability, combined with durable construction, resulted in a very long-lasting dog bed and became the mainstay of every product we developed from there on.

Bruce and Cici, proud of making a better dog bed, resolved to make long-lasting pet beds and reduction of environmental impact the cornerstones of their company. Minimum, Inc. has changed in many ways since then, and offers more products than the “Original”, but one thing remains the same: we continue as a manufacturer of durable, long-lasting, washable pet beds that utilize recycled materials as a filling material while at the same time offering the recycling of all the pet beds we produce via our Full Circle program. Yes, we can recycle the beds we produce, converting the fabrics and fiber back into a blended fiber that can be used in other industries.