Rugged Dog Beds: The Definitive 6 Best

Rugged Dog Beds: The Definitive 6 Best

Rugged dog beds...we have them!

If you have a dog that is a ‘chewer’ you know how important it is to find rugged dog beds that are chew-proof or chew-resistant.

The last thing you want to do is have to buy a new bed every other month because your dog shredded his.

Even some of the beds that are rated as chew-proof or chew-resistant have a hard time standing up to larger dogs.

This article will explore the best and most rugged dog beds that exist with this type of option.

rugged dog beds

Dogs tend to chew on everything and finding a bed that is completely indestructible is somewhat impossible. However, there are better (and worse) options to look at if you have a dog that is a really strong chewer.

What we looked at for this article is simply the beds that take the most damage from a real chew-fest!

We used several criteria to rate the beds:

  • Resistance to a medium dog’s chewing
  • Materials used in the making of the bed
  • The manufacturing process (handcrafted vs factory made)
  • Dog bed’s comfort level (no less important, but doesn’t go well with chew resistance)
  • Price to value ratio
  • Reputation, opinions and reviews from other dog owners

It is also a very good idea to read reviews of actual owners for any of the beds you are considering.

Many times these reviews will tell you how the bed stood up over time, not just the first week or two the dog used it.

  1. Mosier Valley Lakehouse Dog Bed. The Lakehouse dog bed is made in the USA and is your dog's own private sofa cushion. The Lakehouse is a simple bed. It's not meant to dazzle with design. But if you are looking for quality, durability and something washable then you have found the answer. We use a high-grade, durable upholstery fabric to make the Lakehouse pet bed.The Lakehouse has a zipper so you can remove the SmartFill polyester fiber inside and wash the cover separately. You can wash the SmartFill fiber in your machine at home using one of our Mesh Refresh wash bags.
  2. 7-inch Pillow Top Orthopedic Bed by Big Barker. This bed first came out about 10 years ago and is from a small, family run business. You can read literally thousands of online reviews about this bed and Big Barker remains one of the best and most respected brands when it come to dog beds. It is labeled as an ‘indestructible’ dog bed and it really lives up to it’s reputation. It comes in many shapes and sizes and because of the way this bed is hand-crafted, it really stands up to repeated chewing. Just the sheer level of customer satisfaction on this bed is a pretty good indicator that it is a great choice when it comes to rugged, chew-proof, rugged dog beds.
  3. Walnut PVC Bed by Kuranda. This bed goes in a totally different direction that the Big Barker bed listed above in that, as its name suggests, it is made from actual PVC pipe. This bed is probably the best ‘chew-proof’ bed in existence and it also qualifies as the cheapest. However, you sacrifice comfort because of this. Since it is basically a big rectangular mesh mat on a PVC frame, stylistically it is not much to look at. It is not uncomfortable for you dog, but it just doesn’t have the padding. The PVC metal frame though, is virtually indestructible. There is no way your dog is chewing through this sucker, plain and simple. If durability is what you are aiming for, this is THE bed.
  4. Orthopedic Tuff Bed by K9 Ballistics. This company has also been around for years and was one of the first to create and indestructible dog bed. These rugged dog beds look great and they incorporate thick, medicinal-grade levels of foam that has similar characteristics as memory foam, it just hold up better and withstands punishment better. It is water-proof both inside and out and is easy to wash and clean.
  5. Deep Dish TouchChew by Orvis. This is a polyester fill bed and works best with dogs up to about 60 lbs. It IS tough, but we would rate it far from indestructible. It is very comfortable, however. This company has an excellent reputation and this rugged dog bed is a great design, but the price tag will probably cause you to really think it through prior to purchasing it. $300 vs around $100 for some of the other beds makes it a little steep in price. They do not make this bed for big dogs, and it comes in only one color. It’s a great bed, but certainly not the best value when compared to some of the others on this list.
  6. ToughChew Dog Bed with Polyester Fill by Orvis. This bed is chew-resistant rather than chew-proof and it makes the list because of its comfort and also price. It is a nice value and a great bed for smaller dogs in particular. The cover is removable and machine washable which is a great feature to have in a dog bed. It won’t stand up to the most heavy duty chewers, but it is the best bed for a dog owner on a budget.

Before you buy any chew-proof or chew-resistant dog bed, it is important to take into account the companies reputation.

rugged dog bedsYou spend your good, hard earned money on a bed, and if it is made to take punishment and stand up to your dog, it should do that or you should get a refund.

Buying a rugged dog bed from a reputable company will go a long way to making you feel secure about your purchase and secure about shelling out a couple hundred dollars for your dog’s bed.

Amazon has the best return policy and will always side with the customer, so the beds that are included in this article are all sold through Amazon.

The other great thing about Amazon is that you can read through the reviews on all rugged dog beds (and virtually anything you buy through Amazon) to find out the experiences of dog owner’s who have actually bought them.

This way you are not just trusting to the wording in how the bed is advertised; you can find out how it held up from real life dog owners.

Take a look at our Mosier Valley Rugged Dog Beds today!

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